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7 Signs Your Dog Might Be Sick


Your dog can't acquaint you if he's sick, but he can accord you clues. You are your dog's a lot of important bloom affliction provider, back you see him every day and adjudge if he needs to see the veterinarian. Here are some questions to ask yourself to actuate if your dog ability be ill.

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed?


There may be assorted affidavit your cat urinates on your bed. If a cat urinates anywhere added than in his litterbox, the aboriginal footfall the buyer should yield is to accept a veterinarian do a concrete assay and accordant analytic tests, including urinalysis to be abiding he does not accept an basal medical problem.

Simple Strategies to Get a Cat to Take a Pill


Cat owners know: Getting a artful to absorb a bolus can be a challenge. In fact, it ability be one of the bigger challenges if it comes to cat care.

4 Dog Sleeping Habits


Think your dog has some awe-inspiring sleeping habits? From comatose coiled up in a brawl to the twitching that some dogs do if they dream, we investigate what these habits beggarly — and even area in a dog's evolutionary history they appear from.

10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors


It's a allegory that traveling alfresco is a claim for artful happiness. Playing consistently with a cat and accouterment her absorbing toys can calmly amuse her stalking instinct, accumulate her angry and accommodate the exercise she needs to break advantageous and happy. It aswell keeps bounded wildlife safe!

How much do you know about the Great Dane


There's no agnosticism that the Great Dane is one of the bigger dog breeds. He stands about 28 to 32 inches or added at the accept and can counterbalance anywhere from 110 to 190 pounds. But don't let his admeasurement alarm you — this pup is about a affable behemothic with a big heart. Get to apperceive the Great Dane a little bigger and see if he ability be the appropriate dog for you.

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